HO SOCCER USA Our Glove Cuts


A very important cut to keep in mind within our collection is the NEGATIVE cut. This is slimmer cut, fitting tighter on the hand, so we have to like this feeling from a glove, but it will offer us in return greater finger sensitivity when blocking the ball. This is a highly recommended cut and that little by little can be seen more among children, since they usually have finer fingers during the early ages, this type of cut allows the glove to fit very well on the hand.


This is a new cut developed by the brand, which would almost correspond to the evolution of the up to now classic ROLL-FINGER. This new cut provides contact points along the entire contour of the fingers, but unlike the Roll Finger cut available to date, this new Kontakt Evolution gives us a tighter seamless mold, thus eliminating the annoying seams that have existed up to now in the middle fingers. A type of cut that is gaining more and more followers due to its good grip.


The standard cut par excellence is the FLAT cut. This type of cut is universal and generally used by most goalkeepers when starting at the net, as it can cover a wide range of preferences.


This is the brand´s star cut and where HO SOCCER marked a before and after in the “hybrid” cuts since it was able to do it in a single piece, thus reducing the seams or interferences between the glove and the ball. This cut combines the properties of a Roll cut on the index and little fingers – safety in the grip and latex around the contour of the fingers and those of the Negative cut on the middle fingers – greater adjustment and sensitivity of the glove with the ball. All this done as we say from a single mold, thus offering an optimal fit and greater sensitivity with the ball.


In this hybrid cut, the structure of the ROLL /NEGATIVE hybrid is maintained on the index fingers and the little finger on the Roll cut, thus helping to ensure safety during the blockage, but in this case incorporating the brand´s characteristic Gecko cut on the middle fingers. This combination is characterized by providing greater lightness to the glove, as well as helping perspiration.