Discover the main technologies that make the HO SOCCER gloves ones of the best in the market. Learn more about the innovations that are incorporated in all our models which help improve their durability and fit, which in turn means an improvement in their quality and versatility. All the innovations we apply to our goalkeeper gloves are the result of the experience and work that HO SOCCER carries out as a brand specialized in working with goalkeepers.

New fabric that provides above all a high level of lightness, breathability and elasticity to the glove. This new fabric is what makes up the body of the new Phenomenon Pro and Phenomenon Magnetic range of gloves. Unlike the Supremo Pro neoprene body, this fabric helps retain the hand´s temperature and makes the glove breathable at the same time.

New silicone insertion system, which allows focusing mainly on the contact areas with the ball without overloading the glove. This system adds a small grip area on the back of the glove that helps during punch assists. This insert is very light and does not influence the design or the structure of the glove.

A new fabric for the body of the First Superlight model which makes it extra light and very comfortable. Important R&D work was made giving this glove extreme lightness while continuing to retain its structure, construction and the feeling of security that a goalkeeper glove should provide us as such.

New AAS (Anti Abrasion System) system developed and designed to avoid abrasion of the glove in the area of the palm that is most affected by this wear. This system is included in the ONE range and is designed so that it does not affect at any time, the reception of the ball or the sensitivity of the palm on these models.

Our system of protections, called FPS 3.0, is incorporated into the glove on all 5 fingers (also on the thumb) and are fully removable only on ELITE range models. The construction of this new protection system has allowed us to achieve more lightness, as well as more anatomical protections, better adapted to the hand. All this makes the gloves offer a high protection but in a comfortable way, without noticing it too much on the back of the hand and with the possibility of personalizing or using only the protection on the desired fingers.

An extra adjustment tape that offers greater comfort and protection to the wrist during falls. This new system comes to improve the previous MAS system. This tape is more comfortable when it comes to adjusting and is also more ergonomic and fits better to the glove, once on the hand.

System in combination with the glove palm, where internally incorporated silicone inserts are strategically located, providing better support and sensations on the points of contact with the ball.

Body is 100% high quality neoprene made in a single piece from the tips of the fingers to the wrist, and a printed design.

System 3D GEL, offering a zone of clears of fists with relief in the superior part of the backhand. Constructed with an ergonomic form, combined with latex of 5 mm. + 3 mm foams. This system, aside from providing the zone of punches, offers an extra protection quilted and an anti-sliding zone when it hits with the ball when punching.