At HO SOCCER we can proudly say we have some of the best palms in the market. Tested by top professionals, the Elite models of the brand have a wide variety of palms that have a great grip in both dry and extreme conditions. An important aspect in the HO SOCCER gloves is that we take into account the balls with which professional keepers play and the fabric with which they are created. This aspect can cause the grip of the glove to vary, depending on the material of the ball. In HO SOCCER we have this aspect in mind, to adapt to any change so that our goalkeeper gloves are adapted to all the climatic conditions of the terrain, but also to the ball with which it is played.

New latex formulation with excellent properties which result in a high-level palm that will cover the needs of the most demanding goalkeeper in any type of terrain, both in grip and cushioning. This palm will also provide an extra grip on wet ground, since it has been thoroughly tested in extreme humidity conditions, adapting perfectly to the grip level on the latest types of balls and playing surfaces.

New high quality palm included exclusively in certain Elite range models. In this new palm, a latex formulation with a very high level of grip, especially in dry terrain, has been achieved after a long process of R&D, which will meet the goalkeeper´s needs at the highest level. A type of palm activated from minute 0, which will provide an optimal grip throughout its useful life, once the plastic protection that covers it is removed to avoid dirt and adhesions until the glove arrives at the hands of the goalkeeper.

Our top palm included in the Elite models of the collection and an excellent choice for goalkeepers at a professional level. In this palm the purity of the latex is of the highest quality and covers all the high-level goalkeeper ´s needs, both in dry and wet terrain. A palm that has been tested in the professional field and adapts perfectly to the new technologies/surfaces of balls within the market.

As a starting point the high performance range section where the purity of latex is increasingly important, we find the Megagrip. This is a very versatile palm which gives us great effectiveness, great grip and performance in both dry and wet terrains. In fact it is one of the palm formulations that are included in all high range gloves of the collection until recently, before the entry of the new EXTREME or AQUAFORMULA formulations in this case. This converts it into a high quality palm. This palm will continue to be found in the brand´s new models/releases.

In this level ascending in terms of greater grip and less durability, but with a very good balance in this regard, we find the “mid range” palm par excellence, our SSG (SUPER SOFT GRIP) palm, which offers a good balance between both factors and that we can find in the models called: SSG of the collection. Of course in this palm the level of pure latex, softness and grip of the palm is already greater than in the previous ones, so we will find less durability, but in return it is a glove that will offer us very good sensations during matches.

This palm formulation from our collection is always characterized by its colored palm. We are talking about a latex quality palm, very similar to the SSG in terms of grip properties; only in this case it increases or adds a plus of durability. We are looking at a very interesting palm for its use in any type of terrain.

This UCG palm will provide a perfect balance between grip and durability, a very good glove choice to combine between trainings and matches. It would be a step above the previous, being ideal especially for matches and up to a certain level from adults to children, since it is one of the best quality palms within its range and is available in this case in small sizes, specifically in the ONE model family.

If what we are looking for is the greatest palm durability from our collection, the most recommendable palm is undoubtedly the DURAGRIP, from our BASIC PROTEK collection. This is the lasting palm par excellence. It is made with an exclusive formulation of synthetic latex that guarantees a high resistance on any surface. Obviously the grip has been limited to favor durability first and foremost.

New synthetic palm formulation, specially designed for its duration on the most aggressive terrain. This rough-finished palm, which allows it to adapt to the dirt particles of the playing field, provides excellent durability and cushioning against any type of terrain.

If what you are looking for is durability but with certain grip sensation, this is your palm. This palm increases its latex purity in the formulation, with a more than considerable 2 mm. thickness. Offering resistance, but with greater grip in this case and that can be found in the CLONE collection.